Ted Schlueter

Chief Executive Officer

Ted drives growth initiatives for The Grist’s B2B and B2C Clients as well as spearheading internal business development efforts. Prior to The Grist, Ted spent over 20 years driving integrated marketing initiatives for his own award-winning agency, Crunch Brands and subsequently Breakaway Marketing.

Dan Madsen

Chief Creative Officer

As an all-terrain father of four and head of Creative, Dan's never lost his curiosity for learning and discovery, which has been his primary compass in life. Particularly, when he set his neighbor's fence and trees ablaze—probably should've used a different compass that day.

Mark Higgins

Director Of Video Content

Mark leads the video content creation department at The Grist. In the past he's worked with brands and bands such as Tom Brady for UNREAL candy, Titleist, Ocean Spray, Jack Daniels, New Balance and Dropkick Murphys to name a few. His indie work has been viewed over 200 million times on YouTube.

Liam Corrigan

Senior Designer

Liam is a Senior Designer reppin’ the 603. Prior to The Grist, he began his career at Crunch Brands after graduating from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. He can often be found balling on courts throughout Boston or attempting to pet every cat he crosses paths with.

Colby Greco

Account Director

Colby’s 20+ year career includes a myriad of agency roles and a history of entrepreneurial efforts with tech companies and online publishing. In his spare time, he can be found fly fishing the rivers, ponds, and lakes of the Northeast or canoeing through the heart of the Amazon.

Leif Holtzman

Strategy + Insights

Through research and insights development, Leif uncovers opportunities to build clients' brand strategies that are simultaneously unique within the market and compelling to the target customer. When he’s not mastering insights, he’s a literal rockstar dad, mystifying crowds with his guitar solos.

Tyavanna Skane

Director, HR + Finance

As our HR + Finance Director, “T” literally and figuratively holds the keys to everything inside The Grist. When she’s not recruiting, onboarding, or handling payroll, this avid bullet journalist loves adding stamps to her passport and cheering on the Celtics and Patriots.

Adam Jackson

Senior Copywriter

After retiring from professional basketball in the mid 70s, this Buckeye-State native followed his passion for creativity through the worlds of Pepsi, Sierra Mist and Verizon until landing in Boston. When he’s not crafting copy, he moonlights as a cartoonist, and occasionally an exotic dancer.

Dan Hlivka

Art Director

Dan is an art director. He's a motion designer. He's a doodler. His last name is incredibly hard to pronounce, so people call him Helvetica. Though the technology doesn't currently exist, his dream is to one day become a downloadable font.

Gregg Tobin

Account Director

A Western Mass native, Gregg joined The Grist after 9 years as an Account Director at a digital agency focused on music & live events. When he's not running an obstacle race or at a country music concert, Gregg can be found at home re-reading the Game of Thrones books beneath a Tom Brady poster.

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