In the wake of a shifting cybersecurity landscape, Onapsis pioneered an entirely new category of enterprise protection: mission-critical application security. Their unique technology protects core applications (SAP, Oracle, etc.) that run the global economy. The problem was prospective customers didn't understand just how vulnerable their applications truly were. Onapsis’ biggest competitor was inertia — businesses continuing to do nothing to protect their applications. We needed to convince them that their mission-critical applications were more vulnerable than they thought, and that the stakes were higher than ever.


Onapsis, the company that’s redefining the cybersecurity industry, partnered with The Grist to not only a rebrand, but to help elevate them to the next level. So where do you begin when you’re trying to get the world’s attention? Times Square. In a single day, we crafted a series of creative, attention-grabbing billboards that not only utilized the NASDAQ billboard’s unique design, but embraced it. Kicking off what will be the first of many milestones for this dynamic partnership.


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